Monday, March 28, 2011

life at lifeway so far

29//03/2011 - so far is abt 2 months more at lifeway, and I feel it's different now, my lfie at this college has turn from normal to black.

reason 1 : lifeway now got no lecturer to teach is the next module, I suspect might be like dis for the whole year, am thinking working on my demoreel, arguing with them is pointless, I can use that nergy to stay focus and not loose concentration. I planing to apply for job as character animation at oktober animation, shud I? good or bad I must try.

reason 2 : Zhang Lu Lu, one of the girls here I always talk to for some weird reason touches me, we never talk much often, but I got a feeling we will see each other again, maybe in auckland, she has a bf and I know like previously I'm going to end up making another stupid confession when most of the girls I always confess to already have bf's and I always find out last minute! nia seng

reason 3 : I plan to move away from campus, because of few fuckup reasons, I cannot stand the fact that mom paid money for my food and they give me shit to eat or sometime too little. I wanna cook my own food, if I move out, I have to pay for my own rent, but I am jobless, I have no job I cannot pay for rent. even this is troublesome. 1st thing I going to do is ask for campus contract and ask to move out. I dun mind the way they run things here as long as not long term and not so retarded bu this is abit too much. the owrse case is 1 week without any lecturer teach me rigging and skinning, mom's money is waisted everyday! if I move out and pay for rent is even more waisted! so I am kinda stuck wondering what to do now!

reason 4 : kirby isn't teaching us animation anymore, sigh, it's like the rest is up to me now to learn or trial and error, I hope that after this I can get a job in new zealand even if got no lecturer for whole year, it relly going to sucks, so much money waisted on me and this is last decision I ever make, no more lifeway after this.

conclusion ; I am working on my demoreel now,and artwork I have, no regrets because is all I have to use to get a job. I will post watever work I created here so I will show that I am learning something

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