Friday, March 4, 2011

Life at lifeway

morning, is 5 37 am here now, i'm awake and at the animation lab typing all this shitz out. 1st character modeling assignment finished and I'm taking some time off during weekend by watching movie that put up at server hahaha finalyl get to watch all the movies i miss last!

1st of all, I'm finished my work, but I will improve it later, now I wan to settle the IRD matter, my passport abit later. I have decided to go check for apartments or house with some friends and isaac 2moro, because we have a plan to move out, just not sure whether I able to do or not. I have many thing here I have to handle just no time for only.

also 2moro I plan to have lunch at the cafe near money savers, I wanna eat food outside the campus for once and dun worry abt money, 2moro will test widraw money from atm machine oso just in case. Alot of plan to make for in future just need to plan slowly. Well I didn't update alot on my blog because I was busy with assignment but here is point form update:-

1. my course lecturer Lernwell Ang have left lifeway school of media, I finished my 1st character modeling assignment that I will improve later, I got to make some new kiwi friends so far in new zealand and, I'm 1st time International Student with International skills.

2. I wanna work in new zealand as cg artist and character animator in company in auckland and wanna apply to be PR here.

3. I wanna have a gf and get married someday. see the picture below haha, wonder if I have any hope XD

and below I got some pictures of my friends with me and isaac at Snells Beach

from left, Isaac, me, Andreas Rodriguez from Columbia, Jonathan Cooper from Wellington, Tung Pham from Vietnam

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