Friday, April 29, 2011

Epsom, Auckland

5 33 pm, Epsom, auckland. I staying at joon kor's place and having some fun with my nephews XD. just staying for tonight and return the next day.but you know wat? who care, as long as I get to see my family for 1 day and saw the city with my own eyes good enough.

somehow I think life in the city will be different, yah how different? different macam expensive different! XP how much my rent? hha maybe nzd 100 above! somemore I have to pay everyweek. imagine how silly it is.

anyway I wanted to think of doing my animation tonight but I think I bo energy so I think maybe whe I balik campus 2moro only I do my work. I think tonight will be cold when I tidur so I bring extra jacket just in case, is funny but I forgot to bring the other long sleeve clothing >____< hope I can survive the stupid cold air tonight. I still not sure if I can live in new zealand, so I'm only studying here for 1 year only then I decide if I want to stay or not

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