Monday, April 11, 2011

MEL language

now is 2 17 pm in afternoon, and I am typing this shit out, been learning MEL(Maya Embedd language for 2 days) T___T sohai hard liao, how the heck make this kind of script work I oso dunno.

anyway, I still boleh learn some script that usefull in my work, but now I fully focus on my animation reel, looks like sohai only but I try my best la to finish it, next after walk cycle is lip sync.

now that I typing this, I suddenly feel like 2 months study here, is like I dunno, I see time pass by and I'm still alive at here. news is Isaac trying to do this test for his internship at oktobor company and trying to work there, I happy get the test and even more happy if he dapat internship there, I hope he can work there so he can tell me wat it's like over there.

sigh, my life at new zealand, sometimes feel macam tak baik and sometime macam tak ada berita, but can say I am still alive. lanjiao! I miss CC with yap kang wei and Foo!! cannot cc here with anyone except year 1 studentz!

someday! must pulang to KL and see everyone again, I relly feel goddamn homesick here!

above, programming language that I cannot understand! >___< haha everything I type also wrong , this time subject is called MEL Scripting, very sien for me and fun for programmer

above is my walk cycle re do after my classmate critique my demoreel >__< so I re do a new one to preapre for my future job here XD, I senang saja buat walk cycle, actually this is refine version from the last video post

okeila, I update more later

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