Saturday, April 30, 2011

Snells Beach Auckland

4 08 pm, Snells Beach, I am back here now after staying for 2 days 1 night at joon kor's place at epsom, got to see family again after nearly 3 months at Snells Beach XD.

saw auckland city from motorway and then I saw bigger version of warehouse. bought some new shoes to walk around(SHIOK!!!!) eat dim sum and korean buffer(LAGI SHIOKKK!!!) well I bought some sketchbook and mechanical pencil for myself to draw in class because I decided to paint digital and sketch traditional. I had fun playing football with my nephews, and shopping with them most of all, give them both chocolate.

I know 1 thing now, joon kor's nephews are good training for me to learn what is like to be a father, I dun know what is liek to live with children but I talk to them and take care of them like an uncle to learn the meaning of being parents, can say I am training very early. Now I think I'm knowing what life here got in store for in training, early parent training, learning to do things for myself more, job training and being patient, but most important someday is my girlfriend and future wife.

as my job field hehe, I'm going to be some kickass CG artist, I will upload some photos taken from my phone soon of my family

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