Thursday, April 28, 2011

some fucked up holliday

3 05 pm, now at lab, here is some update, I supposed to be visiting my cousin 2moro and maybe enjoy some family time, bu guess what? that family time was supposed to be today this week, but it was cansel because my cousin is busy. understandable
now today, I had last minute changes for transport and my holiday plan to visit my family is cancelled! I can't even bloody visit my family during holliday that is leaving few miles away from me wat the fuck is dis bulshit!

last minute changes and visit trip kena delay is fine, buy kena cancel after I kena told to delay wt?? is dis bullshit???

dats it la! I'm going to auckland myself next week, I dun care about waiting already, I tolerated kiwi and local bullshit, now I'm just giving up on their excuse, lanjiao now I liek got no mood to do my work. hopefully this evening I Can do something.

I plan to go auckland next saturday for a 1 day trip and back to snells beach, by myself

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