Friday, April 15, 2011

walk cycle

5 15 pm, at lab, abit sien nothing to do other than my own work but today wanna relax abit. I did a walk cycle practise last week, to put for my new student demoreel, I have 2 more projects now that I doing now. just going to finish them so I can put in my student demoreel. today saturday here I dun want to do any work, I just want to relax and watch movies for learning and online in 11 second club or concept art forum look at others ppl works.

I only do work next week. Anyway news is, got some new lecturer teaching scripting for maya this week for only 1 month, adoi, MEL scripting damn headache wei, I try to code oso abit hard le haha, I got no understand how to code or understand how to use it, at toa never learn or use it before. look at my coding la in my blog to see how I suffering XD. Next week friday is my holliday start so I plan to go out to auckland to hang kai abit, holliday is about 1 week so maybe that 1 week I will plan to buy myself just 1 shoe for holliday at auckland and 2 more packet of korean noodle.

hm.... I am preparing my demoreel for Oktobor Animation, so trying to push my animation and drawing skill untik kao kao.

below is my walk cycle, not yet finish, still doing refine. critique is welcome to improve it.

walk cycle from chien yih tham on Vimeo.

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