Friday, May 27, 2011

school of media, lighting , texturing and rendering over

a render of a bedroom sunset mood

close up render of a room

a render of a bedroom sunset setting

it's 10 54 pm, here I am writing block at night, after completing my summative project for this subject called lighting. hm I learned what in just 3 weeks, and did a summative project in 1 week! that is freaking fast. David Tsui has gone back to Oktobor now and claim he will balik to lifeway college school of media in august, for he's sake I hope he tak payah return to this fuck up college.

I wish him the best and hope he can stay and work at oktobor and they renew his contract. As for us, well Don Smith, our senior lecturer that was teaching at vancouver will be teaching maya dynamics to us, subject I'm not familiar and have to relearn everything. I just get this feeling after this few months I won't have fulltime lecturer anymore is up to me again to finish my character animation reel! fuk you Sean Castle! after this year I going to destroy your career!

I will upload watever work I did during the lighting subject, can I say I learned more to manage mu uv unwrap skill and my texture from b4, I was relly shit at it

updates is, one of my classmates, Jason Thomas Flint is returning from HuHu studios to school of media to continue on his studies which is relly good, he's a very nice and friendly person I knew from begining of my advanced character modeling subject, is good to have him back. others news is my vietnamese friend moved out of campus! yah man you da man!

anyway I am showing some stuff to prove that I am learning something while david tsui is around and not waisting all that money. hopefully I can share on my character animation after I complete it. I decided to rest this weekend, watch animation and just surf the web and do work only on sunday evening or at night.

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