Thursday, June 23, 2011

assasins creed revelations

it's 10 30 pm in evening, i'm at the lab doing some rigging exercise, the exercise equals create a "reverse foot lock" and some spine curve with the multiply divide utilities in maya. I improvised abit and used just connection editor instead, it wasn't working well for me. I'm happy that Don Smith is teaching character rigging, I at least can learn Reverse Foot lock which I supposed to learn las tyear but it was hard to understand so I manage to learn this year. I self learn and try Knee flip.

I will play blast my study of the character rig soon, I didn't want to try hard but since I specializr in character animation I tot I would at least have some small basic in character rigging even if I sucks at it XP

some of my classmates went to Oktobor Animation today for interview for internship, they say they will get call next week about maybe they get the job offer, I wish them all the best! XD

I also want to share an interesting game news here about a popular console game since 2008, assasins creed revelations, I only played assasins creed 1 so I can only play assasins creed 2 after I my course finish on maybe at weekend. below is the trailer, Ezio looks so old dy in this trailer.

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