Friday, June 17, 2011

dynamics final project

good day! is 4 48 pm here at snells beach, I did not go out today at all, but stay at the labs relax and put up some mroe of my work here, at least to know that I not waisting my time here. the final project I was given here is called summative, exercise here is called formatives

their lessons are normally given in 2 or 3 weeks then final projects start maybe 3rd week!

my final project is given brief is to create dynamic movement for furniture and things in the room, how it react to explosion and shockwave after explosion, it was very hard for me but I learn one thign out of it, never do something I am not ready for but can understand and I can control.

below is the link to the final project

indoor explosion from chien yih tham on Vimeo.

and below is the link to one of the last few exercise I did before I started the final project, it's a brief where I create smoke come out from the chimpney, had to play abit of maya expression to do it.

smoke trail from chien yih tham on Vimeo.

one thing I did about my exercise here is that they need maya expression and not MEL script, mell script to me is more headache! anyway is saturday and I relly want to relax today, dunw an do work except blog like crazy, listen to mp3 and chat on9 wit friends MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

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