Friday, June 10, 2011

lifeway , School of Media, Don Smith, Advanced Dynamics blah blah

1 31 pm at Lifeway college after lunch, I straight away come to lab to do work, instead of just waisting time, so here got some stuff of wat happen in my life here so far.

make the explanation this simple lar, my Canadian lecturer, Dom Smith or Don Smith who teaches dynamics and used to teach at Vancouver is senor lecturer here teaching me advanced dynamics, sial man, I am total noob at dynamics. but at least I learning something. I work nearly 5 - 6 hours in a day or maybe 1 whole night to do my work. Good thing is dat I'm not waisting time, spending it learning stuff and typing out this waist of time blog muahahahah!!

well I feel that I should share my stuff here on my blog to show that I'm not waisting my learning time in new zealand that coming here learning something is worth that money. Others news is that Oktobor Animation is making alot of noise they need ppl to help on their project, hm are they that busy? All I can do now is work on my character animation and stay focussed on studies, wait until is the right time then apply for internship after course over.

I also went with Isaac Tan Hai Swee, my junior from DG at toa from dg 91 to make our so called IRD (Inland Department of Revenue) number, last time I sent my application my mail got bounced back to me, all because it's not properly verify, haih hope this time is verified.

update is that David Tsui from Oktobor animation is not returning to teach Post Production at school of media, so they need to cari someone to replace him or we kena learn by ourselves again this time. if I was from Oktobor I will keep David Tsui.

anyway as I keep my word, I will share what I learned at lifeway school of media, in advance dynamics class, exercise 01, foundain

exercise 2 smoke trail

exercise 3 create bullet falling on the ground with impact and bounce to right side of screen using instance settings in maya, and some scripts to do all that crazy animation, gave me a headache just to think maya language

lastly now I have formative to do, will show it later, but working on it now headache, I need to do mroe shopping later, RAGE!

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