Friday, June 17, 2011

lifeway , School of Media, Don Smith, Advanced Dynamics

10 15 pm, Lifeway College, School of Media, my Dynamics summative, final project is all finished, and I'm relazing haha, just abit maybe play some call of duty later to release stress.

I decide will upload that final project later, is done by a noob like me so go easy yar? news is that now my room mates, Jun Yu from Beijing have moved out of Lifeway course and went to auckland to study management. I'm glad he make that decision because he was not so interested in this course. I will catch up with him 1 year later as long we still meet.

he have left Lu Lu and Qiu Yang Bao behind, no worries, I will take care of them, others news is that my Dynamics lecturer Don Smith is not leaving campus yet, instead I was told he is staying for awhile at Lifeway until August to see if he likes this place.

I got a feeling that this industry will grow properly as long as we have the rite ppl to teach , train and willing to learn from each other. I decided my plan is very simple, be open to learn and improve anytime, be open to other ppl idea that can improve my learning experience, this relly have help me alot.

if Don decide to stay on and teach at Lifeway school of media as a fulltime lecturer, I'm won't be surprised but I am glad for the sake of the students. I won't be here next year haha, I will be on internship.

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