Sunday, June 26, 2011

the making of Sintel

is 5 10 pm at snells beach and I'm waisting time blogging when I got character rigging assessment XP

but is quite interesting because I got stuff I would like to share, a video about making of Sintell, if anyone watched it already good on you. I just saw it online only and I tot that talking about this short animation is relly good sharing. I'm sure producer, storyteller, writer, film director and animators would like to share about this.

anyway, I will share my rigging example sometime this week, rite now I ended to go back and continue my character rig, below is the picture of my character rig, it's very simple nothing special, simple controller that do nothing special other than the character can move. in the middle of controller construction and maybe by 2moro I can start paint weight dy XD.

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