Saturday, June 25, 2011

Westfield mall albany, event cinema, cars 2

is 3 am here at snells beach, and I'm typing my blog now, I was at Warkworth whole day, well not relly whole day, I'm also at Albany when my classmate Markus hacket invited me to watch movie with him at Westfield shopping mall.

so what movie were we watching? erm it was animation feature, Cars 2 by pixar animation studios! yup, a world known animation company specialising in storytelling in animation, long or short animation film. This time the story about cars was very different, it have a turning point from the start of the movie, the direction of the movie is still the same, it's about cars, racing and the most interesting part was that it shown different cars from around the world, Japan, US, Italy and London. the story had alsoa different twist to it , it have a style like James Bond, you have to watch it to understand, abit hard to explain like dis.

I watched it and I was laughing at some of the jokes, their entire animation work was well done, I relly respect their dynamics team and rigging team, alot of that work was relly die hard core for effects and not easy to achieve. but I still say the storytelling is still fine, not that great but still acceptable, I hope pixar will still do a good job in future if they still do storytelling.

as for me well, my summative for rigging and skinnning, advanced rigging and skinning , hm not so advanced have started, I'm doing character rig for my previous model, I will probably post wip in my blog here start from monday, once again I'm not a rigger, I'm concept artist in training and character animator, I might consider lighting and texture trainee XD.

good news is that some of my classmate asked me to teach him how to digital paint. Well it's good to be able to teach fiends and classmates.

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