Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3 54 am Snells Beach

sound like a bloody log, anyway, I can't sleep again, I think I goign to faint abit later during daytime, so since I still got energy I can write all this out. Isaac left his studies to work fulltime internship at Oktobor, I'm still here, got to finish what I started.

prepare simple ideas for my final project, and finish up on animation I have not completed. hm other than that I can update on more stuff I never share, been a long time I never do digital painting, so I am sharing here one of my old paintings I put on hold and never have time to finish, below is the wip, kind of static for wip but I will do my best to show more stuffs.

for now I have compositing classes working on Nuke programme, so called powerfull compositing programme for high end films, ugh I'm not even a compositor dude. But I will touch it for sake of touching it. as long as I can pass am happy.

so here's the story below for the painting, an aura of a wizard is in some cave looking for some portal to some place, it see's it in some distance away, surrounding the cave is glowing crsytals that emit a glow the same color as the portal, therefore, the crystal are like the life source that empower the portal.

lifestream wip 03

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