Saturday, July 9, 2011

BERSIH 2.0, PERKASA, Patriot

8 53 pm, Snells Beach, I'm now writing this stuff out because I have sense to write something relly big.

news was annouced recently back home about the rally for the next general elections for next year, a few political parties which was claim to be illegal, BERSIH 2.0, PERKASA and PATRIOT, a club but not even a party, anouned they would rally at KL and march toward stadium merdeka. members of each party have different intentions and motive of their own for the march.

I dun' fully know the story but what I know so far is happening in the news updates from staronline and from some website that pointed the video footage.

this is what been shown to me

this video shown members from FRU shooting smoke gas at the rally crowd, yet ppl's argued the rally haven't acted violently towards FRU or even cause public harm

here as well, the FRU shot smoke gas at the Rally crowd. everyone argues as why have there been no demonstrations allowed in our country and everytime there is a demonstration, the police tells them to disperse before they even speak. this is pretty obvious to me that there got no such thing as human rights.

amazingly there's also a BERSIH rally at Melbourne, australia, a more peacefull, yet straight to the point rally totally none violence I seen

also a BERSIH rally at Auckland , New Zealand, I would have gone only if I had transport, that way I can speak openly with all m'sians about things back home.

this probably is the biggest political conflict I seen coming from m'sia so far because everyone knoew about it back home of overseas. everyone talking about it and everyone relly updating on the news about it. Our goverment, our leaders, our officicals that service in goverment service, it just became like very attention grabbing suddenly.

I had to keep in touch at home because I'm malaysian, dun get me wrong, I luv my country, my ppl but I cannot accept the part of politics, watch what you seen in the videos, hear what you get from newspapers, and bulletins, see how manipulative these ppl are.

2moro all this enters the starts newspaper, berita harian even nan yang. When will malaysians ever have peace?

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