Friday, July 29, 2011

end of Wellington

11 15 pm, Wellington, at che's apartment, hm, is my last night here, I'm flying back to auckland 2moro to see all my classmates, m'sian friends onsite and my final sem.

well, I have stayed at che's apartment in wellington for 2 weeks already, it was good staying at city for this period of time, I feel like, it's a good change environment, when I need to relax and enjoy my holliday I see the city and just hang around like normal everyday person who wants to thinkabout something else nothing to do with studies. involve in everyday life.

now when I'm returning to lifeway campus, I starting to get serious and will change my attitude to working very serious and focus, actually I'm glad my campus is at countryside, it's quiet, far from city, no car sounds, excelpt for wind blow and cow making love at night. it's nice and quiet I can concentrate on my studies, my room is above lab and I only go to lab and my room. it's a big difference! I can focus on my studies.

now the objective is specialise and get better in character animation. I did many things while at wellington, sightseeing, take photos, eat m'sian, japanese, korean food, read books, walk around, look at stuff, hang out starbucks and yumcha with ah che. the best part, watch the last harry potter movie with che XD

now I return to campus and continue my final sem. I'm certain about 2 things at future. I might working fulltime at JB Hi Fi after graduate to support myself, get my job search visa and then work somewhere in auckland. I will have to ask like hell an check for apartment or better room to rent.

and I was very lazy to write this stupid blog, but since is my last night at wellington might as well write it lar. after this I will stay at auckland for next 5 months finishing my final.

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