Saturday, July 16, 2011


11 12 am, 17th July 2011, I'm currently at wellington on semester break for 2 weeks!

going to enjoy my holliday while it last! so I will be spending 2 weeks with my kar che until i return to Snells beach, smel;s beach, smelly beach, snells bitch. so wat will I do here? dunno le, got nothing relly plan.

maybe I will walk outside sometimes when I just feel like walking. other than that good news I got all my marks. I passed every subject, happy enough, next is just need to enjoy my 2 weeks break. Anyway I woke up too early 2day, at 10 am,didn't eat my break fast yet, I think I will prepare lunch later around like 12 pm, thinking either soup or korean noodles, hell maybe just soup because is more delicious.

hm after this year, is going to be very different for me, I dunnow how, I just feel is going to be relly different. fultime job as intern, life working overseas and going to specialise as character animation and concept artist, wat else is in the future that I dunno?

yesterday before I left, Lu Lu Zhang tried to ask me if I was interested in going to auckland city like 3 times, I said I am going to wellington to stay with my older sister, funny lar she asked me yesterday and she askedme day before yesterday and she asked me again like yesterday. is she trying to get me to go with her? hahah

anyway al I know is since isaac left, things are very different, he wants to work, I wanna learn and finish my studies. and maybe months later I have my showreel ready to apply for animation intern, I will consider as lighting and texture intern job if got ppl accept me XD

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