Wednesday, August 31, 2011


haha is september dy! feel so tao lan!
febuary was like yesterday and today is september...

so much happen, 2moro I will have to cari christine, pasal accomodation, ah, I bet I kena pindah or have to clean up my room.

hm i still working on animation reel, did my modeling job for environment, now modeling clothes for character, hopefully next week wednesday can do animation test XD, I will share some stuff here soon.

3 more month here left, do the animation reel properly

今は九月です!でもまだ何もしませんから。明日もchristineさんに会えて。へやのことを操短したり。話したりします。たぶん新しいへやへ行きますね。今はから新しいanimation reelをよていです。もうあとで自分のanimation reelをみせていたします。


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