Sunday, August 28, 2011


2 34 pm, I eat lunch halfway then I stop eating, no mood sial

final project already here and I kena submit work every friday? okei arh, got time to do work and show work get critique not like one academy that time wei, dateline crazy kao kao, everyday kena show something, wah sai, sure tired

today I show something different, is already macam 1/2 year I stay at snells beach, and 1/2 year I live and study kat new zealand, life here is different then KL, the kiwi I met are friendly and open minded, they are nice ppl, I think about living here so far from home, life so different, have to learn and practise english, talk to kiwi, wow abit different until must crack head to understand them.

but that wan all can settle lah! I decided to share part of my life as student here wit some of my close friend as lifeway college, the nice wan, crazy wan and good one XD

left, Me and Lu Lu, middle, Taka san and Edward, right me and andreas rodriguez

me and lu lu, somewhere at March 2011 or febuary, aiyah tak ingat!

me and lu lu Augost!

half year dy ever since come here to study feel like forever! below is artwork for final project, concept artwork, enviroment art, and my latest lip sync all work in progress, the idea is the ninja will masuk the house and kill a samurai.

last picture, i miss home, I so far away didn't see home for 1/2 year, is goign to be full year so I need something from home



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