Monday, August 15, 2011

4 more months left

10 30 pm, Snells Beach, Rodney, I'm doing night work and typing this shitty blog, I shud be doing my final, but I got bad headache. I have 3 weeks for animation specialization and I have to say, I am learning something from my tutor Matt who was from Freelance animation school, he taught about abotu things in animation you never learn before, my previous lecturer in TOA was relyl stupid and never knew about this stuff, he was relly biased tat's why no one like him, piece of idiot.

i never improve in animation at toa because that tutor was biased and he was total fail for teacher, but matt is good tutor, we respect him and get his advice, and everyone seem to enjoying the acting lesson and animation so far.

I will share what I learn during my study wit matt, he give us each a dialogue from the animation er cannot remember the name and he study the dialgoue and animate in our way. this was my animation. I have to say I have learning graph wit this dialogue because matt know how to show me the way.

now I have to focus on new animation dialogue, from the animation "entangled", I will try my best

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