Friday, August 5, 2011

lifeway , School of Media, Specialization

11 40 pm, Snells Beach Lifeway campus

since I came back on saturday afternoon I will staying at campus to focus on my specialization and final project. damn I feel so lanjiao to come back here. bloody campus, bloody programme leader and bloody hell arrogant the some of the students.

good news is I can specialize in animation already, yes, character animation this first week they gave us 2 tutors, 1 tutor for character modeling the other tutor for character animation. the problem was in the morning classes I have to model characters, afternoon classes I have character animation, good thing they dun want complete model with textures and finished render.

stupid Sean Castle, he relly doesn't know this field damn lanjiao, but I decided to save that for later, I will have to focus on specialization and final. 1 week so far but I feel I am learning something, like I was learning lighting texturing and rendering. I will post up some character animation later. Also the good news is, my tutor for animation he's name is Matt, contact Oktobor Animation since got ppl wanan specialize, said we will take a test at oktobor if we applying to go there. So I was thinking, since me and my classmate markus are going into character animation, y dun we both flat at same apartment at auckland city? the rent will be cheaper like dat and it's easier for us, if we both finished our test and masuk oktobor XD.

this is one damn long blog haha! anyway the new intake have so far 4 students, and they feel well, abit weird, this year is defijnitely damn char for them, 1 taiwanese PR and 1 international studentz.

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Randize said...

Chill man. If you are still thinking to rely on the institution, it's not gonna help. Screw them. They can't get you in Oktobor, but you can, all they do is just contacting, well you can contact too right?

I screwed my college long time ago. If you really want to be better, I can help you. Free of charge, cos I really want people around me be successful too.