Saturday, October 29, 2011

Games of Thrones shot breakdown

it's 2 26 pm snells beach, i'm just continue working on my animation reel here, when I was visiting CG talks website and I found interesting article here about "Games of Thrones" article, the posting explains about behind the scenes shots and VFX breakdowns and how they apply it, i tot maybe this will be interesting to share for those people and friends I know who luv special effects and cg with live action

others new is I going to put up my temporary animation reel here to share(finally!) after so many hours working on it! so anyone can give feedback on how to improve but please give me the constructive critisism yar? I relly appreciate when people can explain things properly instead of shooting me a feedback that is not reasonable ^^

here is the link

after I receive Daniel Wang feedback for this, I improve the lip sync then I will send out my reel to Huhu studios, oktobor and other companies to get a job

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