Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oktobor and Lifeway

12 44 am

I now over at Wellington short holliday with my kar che! before that I share 1 interesting cerita, Daniel Wang, the recruiter for Oktobor Animation come over to lifeway college to meet and interview the student in 2nd year of animation course.

he come around 11 am to meet us, introduce himself and oktobor animation, talk to us and see our showreel and give some feedback, he seems like nice person and give feedback to my animation reel, he knows tat we still doing our final so maybe he come visit again at november.

meanwhile, maybe I will share some photos here about things happen at auckland and wellington! it's spring now so can see the sakura grow

Gautam Chandra from New Delhi India
Kim Chan from Taipei Taiwan

after land at Wellington from auckland on air new zealand I saw this XD

Hana Sakura ^^

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