Monday, October 17, 2011

Wellington, 2nd holliday

art of rin tin tin at welington capitol city, Lambton Quay
Weta Workshop做art of rin tin tin书在书店我有看^^

picture of city at Cuba Street Wellington
这是 Wellington,Cuba Street 图片时候是晚上

picture of Dixon Street Wellington
这是Dixon Street,Wellington 时候是晚上

hi there, it's 5 23 pm at evening, and I'm updating my blog about stuffs happen here, it's my 2nd sem 1st term holliday tat is 1 weeks, I arrive at wellington on saturday afternoon, and feel sick from sunday until now >.<

it's so stupid to spend my holliday being sick >.< but here is latest news, going to finish my course in 9 december, I'm moving out to my cousin place after finish my animation reel and I will apply for job search visa before I go and apply for jobs.

jun kor and che will return to visit KL for awhile, I will stay here to find a job. i hope I can recover at least 2moro so I dun nid to stay sick for whole week


我现在 welington肯我大姐姐区这里,我是在 welington一个星期这里区。现在是很麻烦的

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