Saturday, November 19, 2011

2 more weeks

it's 1 19 pm at snells beach and I'm taking day off at lab typing stuff again hehe
got 3 interesting stuffs to share, and all of them are relly interesting

I saw them on facebook sharing, I think they wanna do marketing by using facebook but I dun relly care, I just concern about what they are showing.

below I have posted the trailer to 3 animated feature, pixar, blue sky and Weta digital, all 3 of them are working on 3 different types of animations, and relly interesting.

Pixar Animation "Brave" I dunno anythings about this movie, I just saw the trailer only

Blue sky studio latest animation trailer, Ice Age 4, damn funny hahah!!

Weta digital, Rin Tin Tin, this one is not trailer but is behind the scenes, I think weta is not happy about this got some people post their behind the scenes online, but is their own problem some tao tai haha

and finally this is my own post, this is link to my temporary animation reel, later I will post abit new animation for lip sync I done, after 3 weeks here have to move out again, diu I dun like to move things

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