Sunday, November 6, 2011

interesting sharing

1 38 pm snells beach

just after lunch now, and I doing my animation reel, I think I want to finish my reel this month so next month I can focus on moving out, apply for job search visa and finish my reel properly. Haih please let me have my job search visa.

I also want to share some other stuffs from Blizzard, they present a game cinematic about Diablo 3, it's quite interesting how they did it from storytelling until finish product. below is the full CG Cinematic of Diablo 3(diu yes I have not play the game yet but still want to share it!)

and below here is the making of the Cinematic(hehe my favourite part)

today I will do my animation reel abit, after that I will do more personal animation work, I'm deciding that after finish studies at Lifeway I will send over to animation reel to those few companies

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