Saturday, November 12, 2011

TOA - KL, Lifeway - New Zealand

11 46 am

now it's november jor, diu so fast! december coming soon
I remember last year i was at toa, for 2 years studying, now I am here still studying, and then now I am going to finish my studies soon.

but i want to ask the most important questions, what have I learned? have I changed? all this questions is very important as student study in different country.

last year I feel like shit because of what happen to me, this year I feel even more shit but I still grow up, so ask myself again, Tham Chien Yih, how have you change? did lifeway college change me? did new zealand change me? what change me?

i make new friends from different country and culture, I even think like different person, haha I am not typing so many time like before at toa, can simple type anything in this blog, got so much to talk about, alot to share, now I think about it, I got less to share, dun feel like want to talk about it.

I know that next year maybe different for me or it's the same, maybe it will be different after all. So tonite I want to sleep abit earlier because 2moro I will be doing my new dialogue ^^

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Randize said...

How are you mate? We need to look outside of ourselves to be able to see the change, your questioning, I think you are on the right direction.