Saturday, December 31, 2011


is sunday first day of new year

i was reading on star online news about the new bill that will by pass into parliament.

here is the link, I dunno whether to say is good or bad, but some of it sound like good to me, good like how good are the changes and can it help the people that they won't complain like a bitch, the nation is happy and not asking too much, and the goverment did a survey and research.

because last year, KL was at so many problems.

also same old problems with anwar, talk cock and no walk, takes part in anything to do with getting attention and then he falls down and everyone look at him like he is shit. But I think about it he is a piece of shit, look at how he behave, I rather not have him run any office, you stupid baka, even your own nation thinks you are nothing but rubbish, you still alive? only reason you still alive si probably because of someone still loyal to you is supporting you.

if someone doesn't kill you. just wonder if those changes are make any effect good or bad, even if comes from najib, and honestly najib I dun care about your elections.

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