Thursday, December 1, 2011


it's 2/12/2011

almost 1 year have pass, since I started to study here in new zealand as international student, met international student from other countries. learn to speak english and sounds so weird haha because I always speak cantonese at home. learn about different culture and try to learn new things.

study animation in different country like new zealand is so different than KL, different learning environment, different way of teaching and system, everything all different. I think most different of all is next year, I can speak cantonese again when I move to epsom , I will get my job search visa and I will looking for a job

my friends from 1st yar will return to Japan, Beijing and 1 have gone back to taiwan. I'm sure that I will not see her again until well, not sure, I'm sure I won't see her again

anyway i am linking my last animation here to share!

polish animation

there 明年见!

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