Saturday, December 10, 2011

Epsom, Auckland

4 45 pm Epsom

I haved from snells beach to my cousin house at epsom, after finish my last class at lifeway, febuary until december is so fast, i feel tat 1 year pass by so fast.

I felt quite sad tat I kena leave lifeway actually, not because I like lifeway but because, I had family there. i din see them for 1 day now, will be 2 weeks I didn see them, I think after I moved out even from epsom I will miss my nephews and this place.

anyway, my final animation is finish,I got my diploma from toa and my documents from lifeway, I try to talk to my friends at lifeway and only 1 responds to me >.< feel so homesick from lifeway, this months I will rest abit as I can, next week I plan to maybe go for a walk, around epsom and finally I will think about calling immigration nz about applying for job search visa. lastly I will finish editing my animation reel properly.

wat else am I thinking about? hm maybe next after tat is looking for my own flat, I keep shortling but I think maybe soon I will email them to ask about the flat.

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