Thursday, December 15, 2011

metal gear rising

it's 10 47 pm, epsom, I was at city today to meet wit my friends from lifeway animation course, had fun for 3 and half hours at city with ryan, andreas and fernando, year 3 hours of fun at city is enough, eat some lunch and then finally return to epsom.

I bought a hop card tat use for transport here, I want to check about the card balance 2moro, the stupid balance show $ 0.00 dollars, and I paid nzd 40 dollars. either got problem or I have to go fix the problem, alter if I want to use again then how I check my balance rite? takkan I visit city eat all my 10 dollars in 1 day, and my other card reload oso no balance.

anyway got some interesting stuff here can share about metal gear game, it's called rising, the story is modern time and focussed alot of war, moral principle and conflict, but less philosophy.

I just finish upload my animation to facebook, now I just have to finish my resume and then soon email off to all the company to apply for job >.<

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