Thursday, December 22, 2011

more things to do

it's 23 dec, new year is coming and this year pass by so fast, I finish my studies at lifeway, everything happen so fast.

che is here at auckland, I'm applying for jobs, looking at rooms, dealing with immigration about my visa >.<

I feel so headache, i wonder if next wat I am rushing for, wat will happen next wat will do I next? 2moro I am going to see 2 rooms at the city, 1 at kingston street and 1 more at union street, 1 at 5 pm and other at 7 pm

i hope when come back tat time can at least stop pass newmarket or am on the right buss. look for manukau road this time and not onehunga. Meanwhile I also still working on my personal animation, I want to get myself normal job but not sure how long can keep it until student visa expire, I will think about it fast

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