Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Auckland, NewMarket, Epsom, Friends

it's 20 41 pm at evening and I'm typing out some shits here

at 10 am today I arrange to go see some rooms at the city, it's owner is from India, the rent is 140 nzd per week, I dun wan type so much details, that's room no 2 now, then I have lunch wit ryan, after that I went for movie with ryan, rennee chan siat bin and their friend. I watched Puss in boots. I discovered a another way toget to new market without taking the stupid buss ^^.

ryan also shown me got free internet for use at auckland library ^^. So if I moved out, I can use internet there! youtube, dl music and movies, and then finally upload work online.

some interesting to share here about tv commercial, ignore the squairrel, pay attetion to the environment, character models, the render and the animation, it's pretty good.

also I attach link to some interesting commercials at cg channel worth attention ^^ enjoy

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