Thursday, January 12, 2012

interesting stuff to share

11 07 am auckland, i seen this residen evil trailer online at cg channel(one of my informative cg website) and tot about sharing it here, if you're a fan of resident evil than you can watch this, I just pay attention to their render only.

around 11 30 pm I will be going to auckland city again to meet yee fong for lunch and hana for some well bible thing, in truth I dun wan to go, I was suposed to go Media Design School to check the course there about their Bachelor Degree in Art & Design but I was so tired, thanks to neighbour yesterday make so much noise.

anyway, i plan to call up KK and ask if got any part time job while I still have student visa, and try and get one lar, if not I have to think about going back to KL. maybe find job there and see if got any reply from here

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