Sunday, March 11, 2012


hi it:s March now, auckland city 2 30 pm at auckland library

I still typing at my block i think after 1 month doing some busy stuff, now I still at library ap

I been sending my resume to shop nearby, even use the trademe to find job, all also fail kao kao, I tried the job seek also fail then now I try the student job search and they give me more funny news, because of student visa or just the visa, I cannot apply for any of the job.

haih, so damn ma fan I thinking so many times because this, y they making so hard for me, I just wanna apply a normal job tat is all, diu! MA CAU HAI!!!! NIA MA CAU HAI!!!!

so hard to be just international studentz here, I trying so hard to not diu them on the phone and asking for phone and this happen.

well I got other good news, Silver Ant got reply me, maybe i will email them my new animation reel after I finish it, I plan to apply the ryhtm and hues because they have apprenctice programme this year June.plying the jobs and applying job at home also.

i oso want to share wat I se at library today, this was movie I watch long time ago, quite nice movie ah, it:s call a beautifull mind.

i saw lulu zhang again this year it seem tat she is back again wit her boyfriend

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