Monday, June 11, 2012

6 month at new zealand


this is fast forward another 6 months at new zealand, staying here, looking for job in animation
i am very tired and rite now very realistic jor, i said previously to myself, i wait 4 - 5 months before can find any  job, until now haven't found anything yet, no interview, no part - time.

this is my experience in new zealand as international, i wana to say new zealand is different, truth is, it's not different than my life at subang jaya, how anyone survive here i dunno. anyway I aplied to oktobor animation and games lab and even try to find waiter job for last time ady, and still nothing happen, this is my risk i am taking.

so i am going to make my final decision, i wait until july for any news for either part time or full time, no news I am leaving for subang jaya to take my rnh test, i know i said this mroe than 3 times, sometimes i not serious enough.

i'm take alot of risk ady, I will no take another risk, if i still keep living hard life here than I am leaving new zealand permanent, I will not come here for job again.

latest news, at least i manage to kep my animation spirit strong

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