Friday, June 15, 2012


11 32 pm

this seem quite weird, but type it anyway, my neightbourhood lately there have been reports of attacks on younger women, their age maybe between 19 - 20 something, one befor at The Curve and PJ another in mid valley, this is 2nd attack, its too frequent ady and the happen at different parts of KL. i cannot help to think tat maybe a syndicate are involved in this, attack and rape young women or human traffic around, both are crime.

i'm not a police but if they can be way to locate where they are doing and meeting can able to find them and arrest them. Anyway latests news i met some dude in library, he is from china, his hometown near russia, and he is quite nice person, i exchange contact with him, next i probably make a new friend before i leave from new zealand XD

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