Tuesday, June 5, 2012


is june now and i am thinking so many things here, is too long to say so i make it very short
i concern about many things, i concern about future, taking care of myself when mum not around anymore, responsibility, life, social life and even friends

i thinking tat i shud leave nz after july because my studynow is show local nz ppl are getting their job, alot of international student small success. i dun relly like my flatmate because i have problem wit one of them, I have bunch of christians i know chasing my to come to church, cannot tell them off because they are not from my culture. I will trying to apply for internship 1 more time in any company here, but i guessing thay boh reply means i'm waisting my time with them.

and finally, to tell the truth I thinking i shud go back subang jaya take RnH animation test but i purposely delay abit on not going back, hm it's relly not suitable choice rite now, okei here's conclusion, i dun care anymore after July, if got no reply from anyone company here then i got no reason stay her anymore, i have good reason to go bac subang jaya and take my animation test from rnh.

i dun care if they give me offer for apprentice annot but i nid to do something about future i concern about, I nid to learn to take care of myself/. i want believe i can take care of myself.

but lastly i wanna say this, if you are reading my blog, FUK YOU RYAN! YOU LOOK DOWN ON ME AGAIN! EVEN UNTIL NOW I WILL FUKKING MURDER YOU!

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