Friday, June 8, 2012

oficially 28


my b'day over liao, haih become 28, no difference from 27, i am years away from becoming 30 years old. look at me, still unemployed, still doing my own personal animation, cant get part time job in auckland, still depends on my mother for money.

wat kind of son and adult am I? 真是很头演! my bday over and i try my best to be nice to everybody, anyway, today saturday and i wan to relax, wah and isaac so nice cook bah kuh teh! lol

so here i have plan i got lah, for past 6 months i was applying for job in auckland city, only a few company reply me saying no job or not searching, hm some dun reply, so wat i am going to do is by next week, i will see wat more animation can add into my reel and email to oktobor and gameslab 1 more time. i can maybe wait, 3 or 4 weeks then i have to decide ady, rite now i try and sell this magic card and keyboard.

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