Tuesday, July 31, 2012

communication term

i was looking at this thing the other day in my room, it came with my vodafone broadband mobile stick, it kind of have description of all the communication terms, I dun relly know what it is or what it can do, heck it's diferent language to me.

anyway, i just come from immigration new zealand, they change alot of the form for work visa, it was damn many page wei, now it is a few pages only, before it's damn confusin now it's more easy to read haiyoh, it gave me a headache. I dunno why i take extra form with me but hell, i just got news from some student from Lifeway college only, they told me that fucker Sean Castle is going to chow and Laura staying.

anyway just a few weeks more than i going to leave auckland, i paying my last rent to isaac, throw away rubbish and finally able to leave.

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