Tuesday, July 17, 2012


i was reading article about jobs around world lately, and videos on youtube, they talk about jobs around the world, Europe, US and even asia pacific. this going to be damn long topic i going to share.

europe now the economi is very bad so many people there are protesting, UK economy relly bad oso, i think new zealand is next, because so hard for people here get any job. the only place rite now tat people can find job is at south east asia, Malaysia, Singapore, India and maybe even Taiwan and China, alot of company from Canada, UK, US open office over there. They are trying to get people to do work for them and dun have to pay so much.

so maybe india doesn't have any skill much other than get poeple to handle small job, singapore is international country like US, UK, Canada, they can use english so easier for people communicate wit them. Hm well i going back soon so i will know more about job market at home when return.

RnH company have open office at Taiwan, it seems they relly serious about getting overseas skill to help them, ubisoft got office in singapore, Double Negative effects company got office at singapore, but latest news is RnH in taiwan only. my fren tell me tat taiwan famous for the IT skill.

US animation company so far in animation industry is not having problem, no one there saying they getting thrown away by their company, Pixar, Bluesky Dreamworks all 没有问题. but effects company like RnH, ILM, they open office overseas, except digital domain still stay there.

many years ago I think i saw Weta Digital still got job, haha rite now i think they not hiring ady, all like full, hopefully when i go back subang still will be okei

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