Saturday, July 21, 2012

movie time

halo, its 2 15 am in late night, i'm writing my blog, update my life here and sharing more things

i went to watch dark knight rising at Event cinemas here, and wat i can share is the direction of the movie got flow there meaning they explain things slowly so you can understand, this is telling without giving spoiler. next is i had dinner wit my cousins family after many weeks and month i didn see them, my sister officially moved to auckland and I am leaving auckland.

will be leaving auckland at 17th august next month so i nid to collect my bond from isaac, sell my heater and give away my medicine to che, also give away some clothes. I will focus on airport after tat and rest for few days while i clean my room and house.

coming to New Zealand teach me somethings, most of them i learn at home ady because life at Selangor and Subang Jaya is too hard ady, but i'm happy, here i learn making money so hard the maori cannot survive at all. mum have made plan to move to new zealand, but i dun think anything is happening yet, now progress so bad we are suffering more. will i come back many years later or will i still stay at Subang Jaya?will i move to diff house? i think time decide what happen next lah

my lovely nephew arthur, 11 years old, this is photo is for my album because i wont see him again until many years later T__T

wow, all the poster showing dark knight rising only

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