Saturday, August 11, 2012

preparing going back to subang

hello it's 11:20 pm at evening, and it's going to be my last few days at auckland, before i remember some international student leaving before me, about 3 international student i know left, i think either i'm last or 2nd last leaving auckland. everyone asking me this question, "Are you coming back?" and i told them "I dunno" haha.

next plan after get back is clean my house and room! i think mum didn't vacuum or clean it! and need to turn on my pc again make she it is not dead, i probably take a few days or maybe week before i am ready to contact rhythm and hues or apply jobs again.

then i went to star online, saw this video about working on local skills at malaysia KL, ever since Bola Kampung animation, Malay Chronicles and Rhythm and Hues come in, it ask important questions, when will malaysians ever do anything for ourselfs? we always keep taking stuff and import stuff from outside country but never make our own stuff.

hm i'm flying at midnight and arrive at KLIA at 7 40 am, hm so 1 1/2 years in auckland and leaving new zealand for good lol

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