Tuesday, October 2, 2012


it's 5 39 pm and I'm thinking alot rite now, for past few days I was searching jobs, fb ing and now i decided to work on my reel again, I thinkign adding turntable and a dynamics scene to my reel for reason, this reel of mine I will send to apply for a job at Fly studio and another company the name i actually forgot.

rite now I can share here the playblast

this was previously my college work when I was studying at lifeway college in auckland, now i decided it will be in my reel, the color looks abit wierd but it's preview rite now, in maybe next few days I will be applying some small shaders, maybe some texture and render the shot with some lighting to make it look nicer. i'm thinking in case RnH fail i at least have local company for backup.

i was thinking, in future too what will happen in my life, shall i stay amature forever or shall i take and become supervisor someday? like animation supervisor? working wit some partners i can trust, i think about all that later, rite now, it's time to grow some more.

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