Monday, October 22, 2012

Fly studio and mirayi also eye believe

hello 7 : 03 pm m'sian time

i recently been invited to interview at eyebelieve company at Petaling Jaya, and ask to email my reel and cg art to fly studio and mirayi, i dun think i can attend 3 interview out of 2 so i think chance maybe I will only attend 2 interviews and earn only 1 job.

i also think that I will improve my digital paintings with my animation soon, after I at elast get myself a job. other updates I can put here in some progress on stuff I been modeling to show fly studio and mirayi, below is some of them

a chair i modelled 1 year ago

katana sword, recently modelled only

this organic modeling was done when I was still in industry

this soldier was in my student reel but i add it in anyway

i done everything to email to them all now, nothing else I can do here ady, I think I will attend my last interview wit eyebelieve and then either have reply or dun have. other news is my tutor before yong kang have received animation test from eggstory singapore company here, they give him a dialogue test, haih i previously applied there for animation and didn't make it.

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