Thursday, October 4, 2012

further updates

it's 1 49 am in midnight and I again got updates, i officially rejected by R&H apprentice test and now am focus on my new reel, so basically am just slowly refining previous lifeway work and my test from R&H. I dunno wat will happen next I will make it as I go lah, this is so far my direction better than nothing, this morning I almost boh idea wat to do now I got direction I am happy ^^ 

below is the final wip for the restaurant I refine

yah I actually taking the effort to make a reel for last time this year, this I will use later to email over the Fly, egg story or even Mariyi, wat happens afta tat will see lah, 2moro around 6 pm I also going my for japanese oral test, so i better remember that. also tat is it for tonite, later I wil have to wake up and continue wit my test

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