Wednesday, October 3, 2012


harlo, it's 9:16 am in the morning, and I got further updates

1. my animationtest wit RnH was not successful, so I didn;t relly pass 1st test at all, tough lah
2. i'm submitting new wip here for my new reel tat I going to update this year, it's not going to look relly good but it's last time for this year.
3. I have 3 names of companies I will apply for this time of the year,it's going to be one of my last effort so I cannot mess this up

so below is wip of one of the renders for my new reel, it's maya dynamics, and one of my college projects tat time in lifeway, I have to destroy the restaurent, only refine i make is tweak the lighting and give it like midnight mood.

this is 1st wip, the light is too flat so I think of making adjustments

here i got some major progress, it's not so flat anymore, but the shadow direction is wrong! XP still too dark

some minor adjustment now it's more clear the lighting, I can see clearly wat is inside, i confirm to be using this lighting for the final render

was thinking of using mental ray lights for this render actually but may keep crashing everytime i do that and so i got to use software render, which i actually like it better ^^, i think the only thing i like this time is just the lighting and mood i created, hm there also something else I want to share.

I feel like apologising to my family, I told them i wud get a job at International company but I failed to even get the test, i failed to pass even the 1st test, didn't even make it to final test tat is studio test, jeez and I was giving everything i have, now i look at myself I feel so angry.

this is my last effort i going to take, fly studio, egg story and intelture, all 3 companies, if I still failed to able to get a fulltime job and keep it i relly no idea wat to say lol, from auckland until now, it's cannot be possible to fail at home.

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