Saturday, October 6, 2012

whats happening now

it's 11:50 am in the morning, i got some new updates, my maya dynamics from lifeway college, destroy my restaurant is properly refine and rendered ady, now improving the animation test from R&H, after that I can use it for my animation reel. I got another scene from lifeway college, I decide later maybe I can improve on it for now i leave it first

I also finished playing Assasins Creed Brotherhood, is quite nice game, good storyline and side missions, the game soundtracks is also nice, the presentation is fine, i think my only critique is the gameplay, can still be improved some more, next game i want to play is Assasins Creed revelations, I don't want to move to Assasins Creed 3 yet.

i just learn about some new company a few days ago, their name is called eyebelieve sdn bhd, i took some time to explore the website, what they do and see their projects, i will try apply there for internship too haha 家有to myself hehe.

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