Thursday, November 29, 2012

continue wip

6 18 am, i got insomnia, haih, so here is updates, i scuess to go for backboe entertaiment interview, frogtale interview not a sucess neither is art test sucess, i was told during interview at backbone i will get a animation test and animation test I did get, their briefing was to create a simple animation with dialogue of like more than 3 characters, wow normally 1 character is enough dy and they wanted me animate like more than 5 characters in the animatic, sohai wei.

next was I experienced a technical problem where they send me a plugin on dl and i can install but cannot load the plug in, cham wei, havd to email them and update them on wat I managed to fix and what i cannot fix, that's for now, waiting their reply, next was I called up fly studio and then asked about the start up programme, they told me i missed it jor and I have to apply again after chinese new year at march.

talk about waiting long but good opportunity to work on my short trailer. so i got updates, picture above is latest wip on my japanese house, i think that is roughly the final models i added unless wann put in some more stuff, then call it a day and uv unwrap everything, lighting is almost there, this piece of environment is a test for my next short animation, how i will light and texture for next animation.

i will call it night for now, i'm very sleepy and need alot of rest after reformatting my pc, reinstall my software and did more work, 2moro have to get backbone entertaiment reply and prepare for some serious shit over delay of my animation test.

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